Jewelry is an ideal gift for the woman in your life, no matter what the occasion. Silver jewelry is great because it can match anything she’s wearing and silver itself has been used as a material for more than six thousand years. So, how do you select the perfect piece? Here are three tips for buying handcrafted silver jewelry for the woman in your life.

Figure Out Her Style

Before you go on the hunt for unique pieces of jewelry, take a moment to determine her fashion style. How does she typically dress? Does she typically wear neutral colors with a small pendant necklace or silver ring? Or do you normally catch her wearing bold colors and chunky statement pieces? Keeping her fashion style in mind will help you select the perfect handcrafted silver jewelry piece.

You’ll also want to keep in mind when she typically wears fashion jewelry the most. Does she dress up for work or only when going out for a date or special occasion? Figuring out her jewelry wearing habits will help you narrow down your choices.

Pick Unique Jewelry With Sentimental Value

Look for pieces that have a history or meaning behind them that relate to your personal relationship together. For example, you can pick out a charm bracelet with charms that reflect the favorite activities you share together or that represent where you first met. Talk with various artisans and see what they would recommend.

Choose Your Silver

There are basically three types of silver you can choose from. Sterling silver is an alloy mixture containing 92.5% silver and the rest is either copper or nickel. This is a high-quality silver that’s incredibly durable and will last a long time. Any scratches that might occur can be easily polished away. You can typically spot sterling silver by a .925 stamp etched into it.

Fine silver is the closest thing to pure silver you can get. You will typically find it more in earrings or pendants because it’s too soft for jewelry that’s exposed to rough wear. Silverplate is just a thin coating of silver over another metal. Over time, this plating can flake off and discolor. The type of silver you choose will most likely depend on how much you can afford.

The woman in your life will be sure to love whatever handcrafted silver jewelry you select, simply because it came from you. Make the gift-giving moment extra special by creating a romantic memory along with the gift. Present it to her during a walk along the beach or after a delicious candlelit meal. It will make the jewelry something she’ll cherish every time she wears it.

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