Did you know that Nicole Kidman wore the most expensive jewelry ever worn in a film? The piece was a $1 million necklace worn during Moulin Rouge that was made of platinum and 1,308 diamonds. The jewelry you wear every day may be nowhere near that expensive, but you still want to keep it in great condition so you can feel like a movie star in your own life. Here are three helpful tips for taking care of your costume jewelry:

costume jewelry

Keep Away From Chemicals

Exposing your costume jewelry to other chemicals can cause severe damage. Before applying any body oils, lotions, creams, or perfumes, remove your jewelry first and make sure your skin is dry before putting it back on. It’s a good idea to put your jewelry on after you have finished getting dressed and have done your hair and makeup. This can help you avoid those ugly green stains on your skin. To avoid those green stains, you can use clear nail polish to coat the inside in order to protect your skin.

Even water can damage rings, so remove jewelry before washing your hands or doing the dishes. Take your jewelry off before you go to the spa or pool. The chlorine in the water can change the color of your costume jewelry pieces. You will also want to avoid wearing jewelry while doing laundry to avoid accidental contact with detergent or bleach. Stay away from using jewelry cleaner because it can be too harsh for inexpensive metals.

Remove Before Bed

Make sure to take off each costume jewelry piece before you go to bed each night. You risk tarnishing and breaking it if you are wearing it while rolling around under the covers while you sleep. It may also scratch your skin as well. So each night, simply take off each piece of jewelry and place it on your nightstand.

Store It Properly

When you’re not wearing your fashionable jewelry, you want to store it properly to avoid potential damage. Avoid stuffing it in a drawer. Instead, keep each unique jewelry piece in separate pouches to avoid accidental rubbing or entanglement. Hang up necklaces vertically on hooks to avoid chain knots. You can also wrap your jewelry in anti-tarnish paper or eyeglass cloth. If those are not available, you can also store your unique pieces of jewelry in a ziplock sandwich bag with the air squeezed out of it to help prevent oxidation.

Taking good care of your costume jewelry is incredibly important if you want to keep it for a long period of time. You may not be an actual movie star but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel like a million dollars every time you wear the jewelry pieces you love. Use these three tips to keep your jewelry fresh so that you can truly shine!

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