Specialty jewelers help to produce and craft more than 43% of the jewelry industry’s accumulated sales in the United States. These particular jewelers are experts when it comes to producing one-of-a-kind statement pieces for clients and customers. If you’ve been contemplating statement pieces, let’s examine some tips on creating the best ways to make a statement with your jewelry, without uttering a single word.

Think About Your Favorite Colors

When you are interested in creating a jewelry statement piece, you may want to incorporate your favorite colors. For example, if you love blue and have seen pieces of turquoise jewelry that you feel are exquisite, then you want to discuss this with your jeweler. Incorporating favorite colors in statement pieces help to convey individuality.

Choose Metals That Enhance Your Tone

While statement pieces are all about great colors, you want to also choose metals that help to enhance your tones. A handcrafted silver statement piece of jewelry may be perfect in helping to showcase your deep-set eyes. Discuss your favorite metals with your jeweler. That jeweler will design the perfect statement piece that will last for the years to come. Metals are precious and enduring– just as you are and your statement piece should be.

Think About Your Personal Style

When crafting the perfect statement piece, you want to think about your own personal style. What are some words that would describe the clothing and outfits in your closet? Is your style one that is classic, urban, or even sporty? Think about your clothing choices and what fashion ensembles flatter your figure. Then discuss this with your jeweler—helping to give him or her a sense of your style. Perhaps your perfect statement piece is handcrafted silver jewelry that you can wear on your neck or your arm. Maybe your perfect statement pieces are pieces of stone jewelry that are encased in a bracelet. When a jeweler has a good idea of a client’s fashion choices and style, statement pieces will be easier to create.

Think About What Inspires You

When deciding upon the perfect piece of statement jewelry, you want to think about things that inspire and motivate you. Are you an art lover and have a particular artist who inspires you? Are you inspired by animals and their agility and endurance? Sometimes the most unique pieces of jewelry come from our surroundings. Statement pieces are about personal triumph, beauty, and our beliefs. Consider conveying these inspirations to your jeweler for a statement piece you’ll be proud to wear.

Decide Upon The Pieces of Jewelry that You Love Wearing

When choosing statement pieces, you certainly want to think about the jewelry that you love wearing. For example, if you are not too much into earrings but you love bracelets and bangles, then your signature statement piece may be a silver or gold bracelet. You may even love necklaces and have a décolletage that turns heads with the right piece of jewelry complementing it. Discuss your favorite pieces of jewelry to wear with your jeweler. Statement pieces are all about personal style—and not societal rules. Statement pieces speak to the personal beliefs and inspirations of an individual. So, create a statement with the jewelry pieces that you love wearing.

Contact Your Ohio Jewelry and Gift Store Today

For the statement pieces that you desire, contact your Germantown, OH jewelry and gift store today. Whether you’re interested in learning about statement pieces or interested in costume jewelry pieces, your Germantown jewelry store can assist. They offer the most unique jewelry for women and can even create the bold and brilliant statement piece you have been envisioning.

Whether it’s stone jewelry, silver jewelry, or even blue lace agate jewelry, the jewelers at your Ohio jewelry and gift store are ready to help you choose the perfect piece for your or someone else. So, for statement pieces you want, or the jewelry you want to give as a gift, your Germantown Ohio jewelers are here to help you create the perfect statements that will be cherished for years to come!

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