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Nothing makes you stand out quite like the right piece of jewelry. When others see you wear a unique ring or necklace, it instantly tells them something important about you. That style, those colors — it’s an expression of your personality condensed into a single statement piece.

So of course it’s important to wear the right jewelry! Who doesn’t want to make a great impression?

Well don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. The combination of metals, gemstones, and styles in the world of jewelry are endless. There’s surely a piece that’ll make you say: “This screams me!”

How Do I Find the Right Piece Of Jewelry?

The first thing to remember is that jewelry makes a statement. Think to yourself: “What do I like about myself? What makes me proud?”

Most people psychologically associate specific colors and materials with certain feelings. A fiery red ruby expresses a feeling of energy, authority, and ambition. A deep blue sapphire conveys self-confidence, calmness, and understanding.

But of course this isn’t magic. It’s not like jewelry will change everything about your energy and appearance. People will still judge you by your actions and words. However, jewelry will definitely give you a certain aura, what some call an “X factor.”

The Best Materials For Jewelry

The materials and style of jewelry can depend on the occasion. A flashy, brilliant piece may be perfect for a party but not for a toned-down event. Understanding the occasion is half the battle in picking the right jewelry.

But let’s cut to the chase — what are the best materials out there?

Handcrafted silver will forever be a classic that conveys elegance during any occasion. At upbeat events, the glistening of a silver chain emphasizes whatever stone is used as the necklace centerpiece. At the same time, silver is subtle enough to not draw too much attention during more mild social events.

For those seeking a spiritual vibe, consider blue lace agate jewelry. The mineral displays beautiful, alternating bands of whites, bright and baby blues. There is a wonderfully natural flow in the way the lines form in varying patterns.

Used since ancient times by the Greeks and Egyptians, blue lace agate stone jewelry has long been associated with peace and spirituality.

Or maybe you’ve been watching a period piece lately and want to rock it out Victorian style? Consider incorporating helenite jewelry into your outfit! The stone’s deep, rich green adds elegance to any outfit and offers a vintage look.

But of course, no list about stone jewelry is complete without mentioning diamonds. Diamonds are so desired that when it comes to engagement rings, many treat it as a deal-breaker if their ring doesn’t have it!

Hundreds of years of research have led to modern diamond cutting techniques that give even a small diamond a brilliance that outshines any other gemstone. The stone is also the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet. Scratches and chips aren’t something you’ll need to worry about!

Is Finding Quality Jewelry Expensive?

With the scarcity and amount of craftsmanship that is often involved with creating jewelry, price tags can run into the sky. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find affordable pieces without sacrificing quality or uniqueness.

When searching for jewelry, remember that brand name alone contributes a hefty percentage towards prices. The exact same quality of gemstone jewelry sold by big stores on TV can be found from smaller brands or independent craftspeople. If you’re fine with it, buying pieces secondhand can also significantly help your wallet.

Another aspect is that prices fluctuate just like any other fashion trend. Different gemstones drop in and out of vogue. By ignoring what’s being advertised as new and trendy and instead buying stone jewelry that really speaks to you, you can save money and likely be more satisfied in the long run.

Jewelry Is More Than Just Metals and Rocks!

Billions around the world enjoy jewelry both because it speaks to them and speaks for them. The right piece makes a loud statement to everyone around, without a single word needed. It can also resonate with something inside us, drawing us to it.

But it really doesn’t need to be that serious. Jewelry is fun! So go out there and find that perfect shine.

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