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One of the most exciting aspects a putting together a new look is searching through your jewelry box for your newest favorite statement piece. It’s always exciting when a piece of unique jewelry pops up! And of course, following the latest trends in jewelry design always leads to new discoveries in the world of fashion jewelry. While you’re looking for your newest favorite statement piece, here’s a look at some of the hottest trends. One thing is clear: huge, oversized fashionable jewelry pieces are all the rage now! Let’s have a look.

Huge Pearls

How do you give a timeless classic like the pearl a new twist and make it a unique statement piece of your own?  You magnify it and make it oversized! Or, you can create a cluster ring of pearls, or even a necklace loaded with pearls ranging in different sizes from large to incredibly oversized. And of course, there is always the dainty pearl bracelet in gleaming sterling silver…maybe matched with a coral or sodalite ring, for a look that is totally yours, totally today, and totally trending.

Huge Chains

Whether they are handcrafted silver or gold, chains are a fabulous fashion statement that remains forever in vogue. Layering chains together create the effect of larger chains. Also very popular are links that are oversized, as opposed to dainty trace chains or even basic link chains. Having a chain crafted by a specialty jeweler would be an incredibly original statement piece for your collection. You may also decide to select the type of clasp for your chain, which would be another way to reflect your personality, too.

Huge Earrings

For the ultimate statement piece in your jewelry collection, why not have a specialty jeweler create a pair of unique earrings for you? The selection is vast and exciting. From floating earrings to amber stones, to leather, to abalone, to an intriguing prism design, these earrings will not only frame your face but they will also reflect your inner self. Huge is in these days, but of course, you may decide to try a pair that are not huge or oversized… and keep them in your collection as “constant classics.”

Hues Are In The News!

Colorful jewelry is all the rage now. Think bold, think bright, think brilliant! Think larimar, think opal, think moonstone. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets exploding with color are a sensational trend in fashion jewelry.  Think of the vibrant earth tones, think of sizzling colors of the tropics, think of vintage costume jewelry, think of making your statement piece completely unforgettable–and you will be on the right track. In line with the trend for huge jewelry statement, hues of bold, colorful jewelry designs make a huge impact!

Summary: Statement Piece Jewelry

Looking for a statement piece of jewelry is much easier when one looks at the offerings of a specialty jewelry designer. In this type of shop, you’ll be able to find items that are unique, original, and one-of-a-kind. And isn’t this the type of statement piece that everyone is looking for? Of course it is! Perhaps this is one aspect to explain why over 40% of all the jewelry sales in the United States are generated by specialty jewelers. Everyone is unique, so doesn’t it stand to reason that everyone’s jewelry should be a personal statement piece that reflects just how unique they really are?

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